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I’m new to this process. How do I get started?

Call: (506) 852-3510 or email: to set up a one on one meeting appointment. We will sit down with you and determine your needs, and tailor make a program for you.

I’m not ready to print now. Will you just photograph or scan my artwork for me?

Yes. We will photograph your work and give you a copy of the file. We will also archive the file here until such time as you are ready to have it printed. This happens all the time when a piece sells, but the artist is not ready, or undecided as to whether or not they want to produce prints yet.

Can I send or bring you a digital file of my work?

Yes. We recommend that you use a professional photographer to shoot your work. If you want to shoot it yourself please consult us first so we can give you some pointers on what we need to prepare a proof for you. Ideally the files should be either camera raw or .tif at 300 dpi. Usually around 30 or so MB. We can also scan B/W negatives, colour slides, or colour transparencies up to 8×10, or photograph the artwork for you. We have a free FTP service you can easily utilize to send us the files over the internet instantly.

What is the advantage to producing Giclée prints?

Our print reproductions are not disposable. As such they carry a higher quality and value than ordinary printing. We utilize the finest quality archival canvas and photographic/watercolour paper that is cotton fibre, ph balanced, mould made etc. Our Giclée reproductions are printed with ink that is rated by the Wilhelm Institute at anywhere from 100 years to 200 years depending on whether it is dye based or pigmented. Each print comes with a printmaker signed/stamped certificate that has information on materials used and care.

Does a Giclée print need any special care?

Yes. All artwork should be handled with the greatest of care. It is advisable to use gloves whenever you must handle your prints. For mounting and framing, we recommend using only the finest materials, 100% cotton, and neutral Ph (acid free) products. When the piece is exhibited, it is preferable that it be under glass or plexiglass, ideally the kind that provides UV protection. The print should never be exposed to direct sunlight, and, although the inks are water resistant, for obvious reasons contact with moisture should be avoided.

How quickly can my printing be ready?

The pre-press process can be very quick. We will photograph your artwork and produce a proof within 2 to 3 days. Usually the proof is accepted the first time around. If more colour/fine tuning is needed it will take longer, but we stay on it until it is done in a timely fashion. Depending on the size of your order, the prints can be ready in 2 to 3 days after accepting the proof.

Are the prints cut to size for me when ready?

Yes. We will cut your prints to size with the border you requested. They will be ready for you to sign and frame when you come to pick them up.