Fine Art & Photographic Reproduction

Printing On Canvas

At Altron Color Imaging we are pleased to bring you the best Archival Canvas on the market today, Canadian made in Montreal. You can order the Canvas Prints Flat or Mounted on either 3/4” or 1.5” Gallery Stretcher Bars. Please see our Canvas Price List for some common sprint sizes for both mounted and unmounted prints Once we have completed the pre-press of your artwork we can go ahead and print for you. Most print jobs can be completed in a couple of business days. We need approximately 24 hours to let the coating cure after application.

Printing On Canvas - .75 inch stretched canvas

3/4 inch stretched canvas

Printing On Canvas - 1.5 Inch Sstretched Canvas

1 1/2 inch stretched canvas

Stretcher Bars

Canvas Stretcher Bars

Canvas Stretcher Bars Comparison

Our Stretcher Bars are made with kiln dried pine wood and fastened together with framing staples. No worries about standard sizes, we size them to order. There are 2 side thickness dimensions available – 3/4″ or 1.5” Gallery size. Middle reinforcements are built in on outside dimensions over 25” to ensure stability and prevent bowing. If the artwork will be additionally lined and framed the 3/4” is the way to go. Depending on preference and decor, canvas can be mounted on either 3/4” or 1.5” Gallery mount to give the desired effect.

Dura Textiles “Explosion of Colours” 100% Cotton Archival Canvas

Engineered and designed to produce the finest quality image in either fine art reproduction or photographic portrait, Dura Textiles ink jet products will fulfill the most critical requirements while enhancing artistic creativity, production professional quality.

Here are some attributes of our most popular Gesso coated Canvas:

  • Made of 100% cotton to exacting requirements
  • Coated with a white matte, water resistant ink jet receptive coating
  • Acid Free
  • pH Neutral
  • Flexible to stretch without sagging

Mirror Cloned or Coloured Side Borders

Whether you choose a 3/4” or 1.5” width stretcher bar we can either mirror/clone image on to the sides or use a colour of your choosing. This process will greatly enhance your artwork that is displayed without any additional framing.

Mirror Cloned or Coloured Side Borders - Standard

Standard Colour

Mirror Cloned or Coloured Side Borders - Grey

Grey Colour

Mirror Cloned or Coloured Side Borders - Black

Black Colour

Mirror Cloned or Coloured Side Borders - Blue

Blue Colour

Mirror Cloned or Coloured Side Borders - Red

Red Colour

UV Protective Canvas Coatings and Varnish

Our protective finishes enhance as well as protects the look of your canvas reproductions. Here are some of the beneficial attributes of our professional coatings:

  • Top quality UV fade inhibitors
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Super flexible, superior adhesion
  • Scratch resistant
  • Can be enhanced with oil or acrylic brush strokes
  • Clear and non yellowing

Canvas coatings are available in:

  • Lumina Mirage Jet Coat GLOSS
  • Explosion of Colours SATIN (Semi Gloss)

Note: It is necessary to have a certain amount of sheen to a canvas finish to ensure protection from light sources.