Fine Art & Photographic Reproduction

Printing Edition Prints

One of the advantages of digital printing is that you can put out an edition of 200 but only print a portion of it at a time. Once prepress is done and your reproduction is ready to print we can proceed with any quantities you like.

There is a volume discount available for printing in 3 sheet (Each Sheet 44” x 47”) sized quantities.

Please inquire about our special pricing on these kinds of orders.

Certificate of Authenticity

Edition Printing Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

At Altron Color Imaging we issue a Certificate of Authenticity with multiple prints 8”x10″ and over. This certificate has a place for the Artist or Photographer to sign and put the name of the artwork as well as the edition number if there is one.

“Open” edition prints can be noted if there is no cap on the number of prints the Artist or Photographer wants to reproduce. The certificate also includes the print-makers signature as well as some additional information about the Canvas or Paper and ink and coatings used.