Fine Art & Photographic Reproduction

Artwork Scanning Process

Scanning Back for Photograph and Negative

Scanning Back Setup

Altron Color imaging will take in your Artwork, Photograph or Negative and prepare them for printing on our Canon IPF8300 Image Prograf Fine Art Printer. We will do our best to get you the highest quality reproduction possible.

Your Artwork, Photograph or Negative will be captured in one of 3 ways, on a 6000 Dpi Flatbed Scanner, Betterlight Digital Scanning back with a 4×5 View Camera, or our Canon Digital SLR System.

We Scan or Photograph oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil, pastel, mixed media, watercolor paintings and drawings etc. (with or without glossy finish)

Scanning Back Setup

4×5 View Camera and Color Chart

4×5 Camera & Color Chart

We use our Betterlight 6000 144 Megapixel Scanning Back with a 4×5 View Camera to capture the best image possible. If there is gloss in your image we can remove any light flare with our Double Light Polarizing system. Colour correction is aided by both Betterlight and X-Rite systems conforming to ICC profiles. Maximum Artwork size to capture in house is 48” x 96”.

Archive Images

Archive ImagesWe archive your image files created here at Alton Color Imaging.

We will archive the artwork or photograph image we scan for you here at Altron Color Imaging. We will also supply you, free of charge, a .jpg image for you to use on Social Media.

We will also give you copies of your digital files so you can archive them yourself. Just bring us in your own personal flash drive and we’ll upload them for you.


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